IS-6000C Digital Franking Machine

Ergonomically engineered for maximum productivity and output

The IS-6000c sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability and efficiency. Neopost observed high volume mailing machine operators and listened to high volume mail customers to design the next generation mailing system. The IS-6000c delivers simple ergonomic operations; investment protection and cost savings; reliable production and maximum uptime.

IS-6000C Digital Franking Machine

This is the next-generation mailing system. The IS-6000 delivers simple ergonomic operations; investment protection and cost savings and reliable production and maximum uptime. Coupled with the new internet connection and powerful integrated software solutions for postal management, the IS-6000 is the obvious choice if you are looking for a high-volume mailing system.


Field tested rigorously in a number of configurations and challenging environments up to 30 million cycles - from high volume users that experience a few processing spikes on a monthly basis, to power users who run these machines to capacity. Heavy duty print head designed to last the life of the machine. Access additional postal discounts with Royal Mail Business Mail Advance volume terms qne pay in arrears for postage with Neofunds. Smart technology allows reclaim of VAT on Royal Mail VAT-liable services


Promote your company by overprinting envelopes with marketing messages, logos or slogans. Digital ink-jet technology gives a clear imprint every time. Franked mail conveys a more professional image

Productivity You Can Count On

Meeting the demands of your mail processing center can be tough. Whether you are working to time-critical deadlines or your daily routine has been altered, the bottom line is the work has to be done. You need a durable and reliable workhorse that is going to deliver.

With an overall weight of approximately 95 kg and tested to 30 million cycles, the IS-6000 is always up for a challenge. It has what it takes to maximize throughput including:

  • High capacity envelope feeder with reload on-the-fly capability.
  • True mixed mail feeding that eliminates pre-sorting.
  • Three speed choices up to 210, 260 or 300 lpm.
  • Dynamic scale that rapidly weighs and measures mail in-line.
  • Superior sealing capabilities.
  • A power conveyor stacker with a storage capacity ratio in synch with the feede.



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