IS-280c Digital Franking Machine

Instant Stamps. Exact Rates. Professional Image

The Neopost IS-280c is the perfect franking machine for up and coming businesses, offering sophisticated features in a compact package. No more queuing at the Post Office. No more guessing the correct postage. No more running out of stamps. The Neopost IS-280c can be re-credited on-line with postage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Accurate Pricing

The IS-280c comes loaded with all the Royal Mail UK inland and international postal rates, giving you the exact price for all its services. The integrated digital weigh platform accurately sets the machine to the correct value so there’s no risk of over or understamping. Calculating the correct postage is easy with our on-screen rate wizard.

Easy to use

Shortcut keys give quick and easy access to frequently used settings. The IS-280c also comes with easy-toinstall, high speed LAN connection for quick and easy software downloads and rate change updates

Manage Your Mail On-line

myneopost is an online service which allows you to analyse your postage expenditure, order supplies and service.

Make Your Mark In Style

With the IS-280c, you’ll enjoy a more professional image and free advertising. You can easily customise your mail message to include your company name, special greetings or marketing slogans.

Postage savings

As an IS-280c user, you will automatically receive a discount on every item of mail you send: save at least 7p on every 1st Class letter, 8p on every 2nd Class letter and up to £1.19p on a 2kg packet.

Give yourself a little credit

With a neoFunds account you can download postage when you need it and pay in arrears. No more estimating the amount of money you need at the start of the month, only to run out unexpectedly. neoFunds improves your company’s cash flow and increases efficiency.


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